Special Format Splicers

M.3 Super35 Smart Card Film Splicer

Adhesive Tape Film Splicer specially designed to cut and join together Polyester or Epoxy films normally used by industries manufacturing smart-cards and other electronic components.

  • Perfectly butt and in line-splice
  • Self-perforating adhesive tape
  • Adjustable film cutter 3 inch core tape dispenser
  • Strong & reliable construction (aluminium casting/inox steel)

This splicer ensures an easy and safe film-transport during all processing phases.

M3 Super 35mm

Cut line in the middle of the perforations

M3 Super 35mm 2F

Cut line between the perforation

M.3-35mm Microfilm (INC23)
M.3-16mm Microfilm (INC22)

Cuts the adhesive tape in performance with film width to join 35mm (16mm on INC22) microfilms.

It comes equipped with:

  • Hold down clamps to keep fixed film terminals during tape application.
  • Side film cutter knife.
  • Side disks for a central guide of the adhesive tape.
  • Non perforated transparent adhesive tape (8,5mm*10metres special “for CIR Splicers”) with non bleeding adhesive on extremely resistant backing.