Film Rewinder-Cleaner

Film Rewinder-Cleaner (Cat. CINE5)

Cleans and winds up perfectly tight your negative in one only operation!

  • Automatically rewinds and cleans up to 2000 feet of negative or positive 16/35 film as much quickly as its safety requires
  • The winding speed, settable for each different film format is totally safe for old and archive film.
  • The two CPU controlled motors wind smoothly the film ensuring always perfectly tight batches.
  • During the wind-up operations the four PTR in line clean softly both film surfaces from dust and dirtiness.
  • Loading-unloading operations are simple and quick; the PTR rollers are easily removable, to be washed when needed.
  • On option the digital counter (feet/frames-meters-total frames-time code).

Scratch Finder is available on option as Optical Version (Cat.116-C) to enhance through an infrared CCTV system any scratch or fault on both film surfaces or as Stand Alone Version (Cat.116-A) to detect and stop them automatically.