D-Observer Family Inspection Tables

D-Observer Digitally Evolved (Cat. CINE7D)
D-Observer HD Digitally Evolved (Cat. CINE8D)

The D-Observer table was intitially developed as simple tension controlled winder having as first rule the protection of the film integrity during its handling. Following this successful equipment realisation, the following natural evolution was the implementation of a video subsystem for helping the operator during the inspection process; the last version of this equipment represents the moulding of the D-Observer on the new digital environment.

All the features of the D-Observer Table (Cat. CINE3) are included in this version, additionally equipped with a PC based video stroboscopic system for increasing its performances and in order to use it like a “moviola” for both 35/16mm positive and negative film.

The digital video stroboscopic system allows the operator to see the image without flickering at any speed (up to 30fps without frames dropping), to enhance details in real time during the checking on the monitor screen.

The standard version (Cine7D) is equipped with a 1032*768 pixels CCD sensor and gives a full 19″ screen 1280*1024 pixels area vision.

The HD version (Cine8D) is equipped with a Kodak full HD (1920*1080) CCD sensor for a full 24″ screen 1920*1080 pixels area vision.

The variable camera positioning allows a free choice of the monitorised area of interest.

The provided software gives free acces to all possible colour environment required settings and profiling.

The development and accuracy of analogue and digital sound tracks, the steadiness of the printed image, the quality of the scene area and the perforations integrity, can be easily and accurately visually checked.

The new mono analogue sound track reader head gives a better wow and flutter responsivity.

D-Observer FSC Digitally Evolved Version Accessories:

SF Scratch Finder Optical Unit PH116-C

The SF Optical Unit (Cat. PH116-C) is a special CCIR camera with an 950nm infrared light that enhances any film surface fault showing it clearly on the monitor screen during processing.

With the optional SF Optical Unit (Cat. PH116-C) scratches of any size, snow dots and any kind of fault small blemishes (acetic syndrome included) are immediately enhanced to be easily visually detected and restored on both positive and negative film. The infrared light illuminates the selected frame eliminating the printed latent image for a more accurate inspection and an easier restoration.

Examples of scratch and vinegar syndrome as normally appear  on the monitor screen (image on the left) and after the infrared vision enhancement through the optional SF optical unit (image on the right).


Microscope film vision system (CAT.CINE6-3)

This special accessory magnifys onto a monitor screen the operative area maintaining both hands free for easy use.

The system is equipped with two different light sources (visible white light and IR 950nm light) useable separately or in combination so to hide defects (only visible light), enhance dramatically the physical surface defects (IR only) or get a defects perspective with a reference on the frame image (visible and IR).

Ez Archive Report Software Package (Cine SW)

EZ ARCHIVE is a special optional software that can be used in conjunction with the D-Observer FSC Digitally evolved version.

Its main purpose is the editing of a report during the film analysis phase.

Its simple interface gives to the operator the possibility to describe quickly and easily any encountered defect in order to get a final report as quick reference of the film state.

The video acquisition integrated module will helps in adding more value to the analysis made on the film roll allowing the operator to store digitally an image (video screen shot) of any encountered problem.

The final result will be a database containing all analysed films with their defects described frame by frame with the additional screenshot as visual reference of the frame and defect position.

The database will be accessible through intranet or internet and the resulting acquired report will be like the one shown here.

Cine6-5 HDMI to CVBS/SVideo converter

Cine6-6 OSD Timecode Software

Cine6-7 Stand for Reflex Camera

Cine10-A1 8/S87 Gates, ComMag & Sprockets Set

Cine10-A2 9,5mm Pathé Gates & Sprocket Set

Cine10-A3 Flexible ComMag/SepMag Sound Reader Head

Cine10-A5 BiPhase Signal Generator

Cine10-A7 16mm ComMag Sound Reader Head